Mission Critical

BCE has over 20 years of experience in all phases of mission critical projects.

•  Assistance with site selection
•  Selection of electrical utility company, redundant feeds and rate negotiation
•  Tier selection

•  Evaluation of different technologies for UPS power distribution, generation and energy storage
•  Reliability analysis of different topologies
•  Assistance in selection of major equipment
•  Prepare RFP for purchase of major equipment
•  Underground feeder sizing
•  Prepare construction documents using the latest Building Information Modeling (BIM) software

•  Assistance in contractor selection and fee negotiation
•  Submittal reviews
•  Factory witness testing of major equipment
•  Construction progress reviews
•  Short-circuit, coordination studies and arc flash risk assessment
•  Active participation in commissioning

•  Management of critical circuits and capacity
•  Arc flash risk assessments
•  Prepare Methods of Procedures (MOPs) for operation and maintenance of the electrical systems
•  24×7, on-site or over the phone assistance during emergencies
•  Prepare MOPs and participate in periodic integrated systems testing

Upgrades to existing facilities
•  Evaluation of existing facilities
•  Increase reliability and Tier rating
•  Increase capacity
•  Increase efficiency
•  Prepare cutover plans
•  Maintain redundancy level to IT equipment throughout the upgrade